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Remembering to Work

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:55pm
Not too uncommonly I have to remind myself that I'm supposed to be working. In the midst of hearing about what my patients have been up to their in lives it's probably a good idea if I manage some high blood pressure and what not.

Today I started off the day learning about the pitfalls of raising Alpaca (lots of poop to scoop with resultant tendonitis at the elbow), followed by one of my more senior patients showing off something he referred to as his "prohibition cane" (the handle screwed off and there was a test tube like vessel to discreetly hold one's drink), and then there was the economic crisis through the eyes of someone that runs a cat boarding business (less people traveling means less boarding to be done).

There was even time for a little levity. In bemoaning the fact that there aren't more urologists in our area one patient described the shortage as being "nuts".

In the midst of all of this I did manage to treat some diverticulitis, freeze a couple of warts off, and, oh yes, take care of some tennis, or poop scooper, elbow.

The Country Doctor
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