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Rectal Bleeding, stuffy nose, and over heated ALL THE TIME. what is this!?!

Posted by clunkker

ive been having really bad symptoms of SOMETHING but the question is WHAT? exhaustion, stuffy nose, occasional joint aching but not too too much, and worst of all... rectal bleeding. what could this be. I have taken into consideration that this is december and i might have a cold (stuffy nose, exhaustion, and aching) but the other symptoms dont seem to fit into this 'cold'

will take any help

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Hi Clunkker,

I agree with Dr. Judy that the rectal bleeding, aching, and exhaustion could indicate a serious condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible.  It might turn out to be a cold with hemorrhoids but, on the other hand, something like colitis could also cause similar symptoms.  You really need to take the symptoms seriously and see a doctor soon. 

Dr. Rima B

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