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Reconnective Healing

Posted Apr 20 2011 12:00am
Friday, April 22nd I will be speaking to Christine Upchurch on Reconnective Healing. @12 noon east
The call in number for questions or comments is 347-884-9691.

Christine Upchurch, M.S., was headed to what she terms “a sensible career on a sensible path.” That would ultimately mean tabulating cancer statistics for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, the facility that pioneered the bone marrow transplant as a cure for various forms of cancer. But something happened along the way to that stellar career at the top of her field. She became a cancer statistic herself.

Upchurch was diagnosed with early stage lymphoma. Upchurch went off to the library and began researching alternatives. So in her 20s, she embarked on a path of holistic healing, and within three weeks her cancer simply disappeared.

The experience inspired in Upchurch a passion to know more about alternative therapies and it was then that she discovered Reconnective Healing, the breakthrough form of alternative healing that tens of thousands of people around the globe are learning to apply to others, to their loved ones and to themselves. A form of healing anyone can learn to do!
Reconnective Healing is the cutting edge of what scientists are calling “Information Medicine.” The introduction and application of scientifically measurable frequencies to the human body creates a state of restored health. Dr William Tiller (Stanford Prof. Emeritus) says that when information carried through frequency is introduced into a system it does the opposite of what physics predicts—it creates coherence and order, instead of the natural state of entropy or disintegration. The result: seemingly unexplainable, often instantaneous and permanent healings from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, birth disfigurements, arthritis and more. But it’s not science fiction; it’s real as the science by leading researchers is proving. 60,000 people around the globe are now engaging is this work.

It was these sudden and astonishing healings by her clients at the Northwest Reconnective Healing Center that really hooked Upchurch -- recoveries from fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, chronic fatigue, depression and more. Trained in math and science, she needed proof and here it was.
Today, she is one of only three people in the world beside Reconnective Healing founder Dr. Eric Pearl, designated to teach this remarkable skill to others, and the first to have a Reconnective Healing Center in the nation.   

In an era, when healthcare costs are astronomical and the average family is struggling to retain insurance, real healing can come at a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine. 
  Living With HOPE radio show on The Body, Mind and Spirit Network  

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