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Read the Health Business Blog and save your day care business

Posted Mar 16 2009 3:12pm

From MSNBC ( Woman Shuts Daycare Down After Children Drink Windshield Fluid )

A Scott [Arkansas] woman has voluntarily turned over her license and shut her daycare down after children there were accidentally served windshield wiper fluid to drink.

10 children, ages 2 to 7, drank the windshield wiper fluid on Thursday afternoon, according to DHS,but fortunately, no one was seriously injured. One child was kept in a local hospital overnight for monitoring.

DHS spokesperson Julie Munsell says the windshield wiper fluid was accidentally misplaced inside Bynum’s refrigerator. Munsell says Bynum then served it to the children thinking that it was a fruit drink.

But if she’d been a reader of the Health Business Blog she not only would have worried about putting antifreeze in her refrigerator but she would have a policy of never serving antifreeze-colored drinks. (See Time to ban “Glycol-ade”? )

Now might be a good time to bring back the taboo on funny colored drinks. One reason antifreeze comes in bright blue and green colors is so people will recognize it as poison and not drink it. This week, a man was charged with poisoning his wife by pouring antifreeze into her Gatorade. If that’s really what happened, the bright blue or green colored flavors would have made it easier to disguise.

It might be time to ban antifreeze colored drinks on public health grounds.

The one anonymous comment was:

Not sure about that one. Can’t ban colors because someone “might get poisoned”.

The next time you read an anonymous comment like that you might wonder why the person doesn’t want to attach their name to the comment.

Thanks to Mickey.

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