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Raw Pain Underneath Toes/Walking Difficult Thank You!

Posted by kimbal

I would welcome some advice. I woke up 3 days ago with raw pain under two toes on my left foot. The pain was raw like I had scraped it however I did nothing to injur the toes. Today I woke up and now have the same type of pain under the toes on my other foot this foot all toes are painful. I looked at my foot and it appears that all my toes are somewhat swollen(underneath) They also appear a bit reddish and feel sore when I push on them. I know I did nothing to injur my toes/feet so I can't imagine what has been going on. I do have a couple of chronic health issues - fibromyalgia, some osteoarthritis (not in the feet) and lately I have had some gallbladder problems, otherwise OK. Last blood test 3 months ago everything was fine - they did these tests when I was in emergency room for abdominal pain(gallbladder) and they were very extensive and told me all profiles were fine. Would greately appreciate any ideas as to what can be going on. I am limited as to medical
- JUST got Medicaid and still trying to sort through the whole doctor/referral process so not able to get to doctor immediately and walking is really painful.

Thank You to anyone who takes the time to answer this!!

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