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rash on my outer wrist

Posted by obilynz

i ahve a red ,dry , slightly spotty rash on my outer wrist..... looking at it from an angle it looks like it is comprised of slightly raised spots. It isn't itchy but altho i have not had any trouble since it appeared a week ago tonight it became v sore.... the only cream i had in the house is nappy rash cream so i applied it and the pain has died down.
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After research, it could be many things. If you are taking medication, it could be a side effect of that. You should see your doctor right away.

If you have been painting or cleaning with fluids, you may have it from that. Any good cream from the drugstore should take care of that like Benadryl or something like that.

If those don't work. I would see my doctor. It could be something he needs to look at.


Health Maven

I have a rash on my outter wrist. It is red and a little raised. It does not itch. I went to the dr. and she said it is from my handsoap or an irritant like that. She said putting a hydrocortisone cream on it will help. So I would try using a mild hansoap and detergent.
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