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Rash on arms. Mostly on my forearms and my hand are swollen too. It started on my lower legs. How to treat this? What is it?

Posted by Philip8

I have a rash on my arms.  Mostly on my forearms and my hand are swollen too.  It started out on my lower legs and the rash there turned from very ichey  red bumbs to  red patches on my legs.  My fore arms still have little red bumps and my hands have now started to swell on the top side. I think my fore arms are a little swolen too.  At times it iches very bad.  What is this and what will take it away?  I have been taking Benadryl.  It seems to help with the iching some buy the rash or what ever it is will not go away. I first noticed this when I switched detergents and I quickly switched to another brand detergent.  It's been a few weeks and I can't find anything to treat this.  In case it will help I'm 55 year old male and not on any medications.
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