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Rain, Chest Congestion, And My Asthma Case Study

Posted Mar 14 2010 12:00am

Good Morning Everyone!

Okay, so first off I lost an hours worth of sleep, as we moved the clocks a head here in the east a whole hour.

That was just terrible. :)

It’s been raining here in NY for the past day now and there is still more predicted to come through Monday, although at the moment it’s just windy and colder than it has been over the past few days.

So, I thought between the weather, the chest congestion ( you know what I’m talking about here, the constant coughing and bringing up mucous…lovely…hope you weren’t having breakfast while reading this! ) and the constant blowing of my nose…thus getting rid of more mucous and congestion, and the fact that I’m still at 20mgs of prednisone daily for now and all in all I seem to be clearing up a bit,  I thought that it was time to try to re-start my case study about asthma.

So today, I will be taking the added supplements again on top of all the other medications that I have to take.

Maybe I should take someone on just to remind me of what I need to take and when I need to take it!

So, basically this will be a re-boot of the study so I will start the journal fresh today.


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