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Radiation Therapy For Brain Tumors

Posted Mar 27 2010 2:15am

Radiation therapy for brain tumors can easily diagnose both types of tumor. These tumors are either malignant or benign. Malignant tumor is brain cancer that grows quickly and often attacks the healthy area of the brain. On the other hand, benign brain tumors under microscope look normal and growth is slow. To treat the tumor there are many ways but radiation therapy for brain tumors is the effective way among all. In the radiation therapy first, case and history of the patient is studied and according to this study physician decides the treatment course.

Following case study, second step in radiation therapy for brain tumors is treatment is planning. During the planning oncologist or physician carries simulation process using either computed tomography or conventional radiographs. These radiography studies are important to plan the type and direction of the radiation beams in treating brain tumor. After the simulation process, within one or two day’s actual treatment begins. In the treatment, radiation is given to the brain. To locate particular position of the tumor with the radiation, tattooing is done.

Subsequent to this planning session in radiation therapy for brain tumors, first radiation therapy treatment is done within the period of one or two hours. Treatment duration is just of 30 to 45 minutes but distributed in several session in each treatment. This treatment is given one or two time in the day for about five days a week and lasts for five to seven weeks.

Once the radiation therapy for brain tumors treatment is finished, patient has to take further care by follow-ups. Regular follow up of the treatment is vital in treating brain tumor. Follow ups are helpful in spotting recurring of the tumor, observe health related problems, and identify any side effects on the patient.

Radiation therapy for brain tumors is the non-destructive process of disease evaluation. This treatment helps to diagnose disease and to decide related treatment. The treatment is beneficial particularly to diagnose the tumors and to stop their further growth in cancer. Tumor directly destroys healthy cells of brain and indirectly by spreading all over the body.

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