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Radiation Therapy And Cancer Patients

Posted Oct 28 2010 10:14pm

Radiation therapy is used as a cure for effectively treating the cancer patients. The use of radiation for the cancer patient is from a long time. Constant research is getting added in development of new technology of radiation therapy so as to apply for the cancer treatment.

Radiation therapy and cancer patients are combined as treatment and patient. Near about 50 % of the cancer patients have to undergo radiation therapy during their cancer treatment process.

Radiation therapy is the way to attack radiation on cancer cells. The principle of radiation therapy involves the attack of high energized ions on the DNA of the cancer cell. DNA is the main functioning unit of a cell, thus the cancer cell gets damaged and they become unable to divide and grow. In this way they are damaged. Thus radiation therapy and cancer patients are linked to each other.

As the radiation oncologist suggest treatment of radiation therapy and cancer patients need to be prepared. Cancer patients go to a cancer hospital for the treatment, Radiation oncologist, radiation therapist and dosimetrists are the people involved in the treatment process.

Cancer patients are better informed by radiation therapist once radiation therapy is being suggested as a part of treatment. Therapist explains the whole process to the patient and answers the queries if any arises.

In radiation therapy, radiation doses are given to the cancer patient in order to damage the cancer cells. The treatment nearly takes six to nine weeks to complete. Radiation dose of ten to thirty minutes is given for five days a week continuously. Cancer patient have to come on time of the appointment.

Radiation therapy and cancer patient both need preparation while the application of the treatment. Cancer patient should strictly follow the instructions of the specialist and the therapist so as to avoid the ill effects of the treatment.

As radiation therapy is not completely harmless to the patient, care and precautions should be taken. Cancer patients should wear proper clothes during the therapy to avoid unwanted exposure of radiations. All related medical technologist are trained to perform the treatment skillfully not harming to the patient and themselves.

Cancer patients should be emotionally stable before the treatment.

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