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Radiation Risks Of CT Scans Need To Be Taught To Patients

Posted Sep 18 2010 1:22pm

Radiation is emitted in various forms. Recently, CT scan radiation has preoccupied (or “absorbed”) the attention of the public and media. As explained: “X rays, γ rays, and neutron beams are considered ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation may break molecules into pieces, creating ionic free radicals that can be very damaging to tissue.”

For this reason, it is imperative that the use of radiation is only by highly trained personnel and that the public is appropriately educated so that they understand their risks as it relates to their health care.

People come in all different sizes, and CT scans are obtained of different areas of the body, so routinely radiation doses vary. Unfortunately, there have also been some recent examples of over-exposure of patients due to computer errors that resulted in some individuals being scanned multiple times over the usual amount. These errors must obviously be corrected. There is no excuse.

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