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Purpura, bleeding and Quikclot

Posted Jul 01 2009 7:24am

My sister-in-laws suffers from a condition called Purpura which looks like a rash on her forearms. The site of rash can bleed severely if she bumps it and it is very difficult to stop the bleeding. In addition, she has such scarring from those incidents that she has stopped wearing short-sleeved tops, so as to avoid questions and embarrassment.

She was visiting us recently and bumped the area of the rash which caused significant bleeding. After putting pressure on the wound with a gauze pad, she could not get the bleeding to stop.  I keep a product called Quikclot in my medicine cabinet as I have my own bleeding issues due to the fact that I take the blood thinner Coumadin for a heart condition.

I got one of the Quikclot pads and used it and pressure on her bleeding area and the bleeding stopped in just a minute or two. She was relieved! She returned home shortly after and called the other day to tell me that, not only had her wound healed, but there was little scarring. Her previous treatment of those bleed sites had caused significant scars, so this was a real plus for her.

I had heard about Quikclot from an EMT who had used it in the military. The U.S. Army and Marines carry it in their first aid kits and all the medics and corpsmen have it in their kits. It is type of gauze pad that is infused with kaolin which causes the blood to clot, even with the Coumadin in my system.

I purchased it at and have used it several times for my own use as well as to help a couple of friends who were having problems stopping a bleed. I doubt that the company who creates it makes any claim about reduced scarring, but my sister-in-law's experience and my own is that is seems to cause things to heal better than they would otherwise.


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