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Pupura and Quikclot

Posted Jun 12 2009 6:47am 3 Comments

I recently ran into a situation with my sister-in-law who has a condition called pupura. She develops what look like blood blisters on her arms and legs that rupture with the slightest bump or scrape. When that happens, she bleeds very badly.  She was visiting us when one of these incidents occurred. Fortunately, I had purchased some Quikclot, which is a gauze pad that causes blood to clot and controls what is otherwise uncontrolled bleeding. I put one of the Quikclot pads on the ruptured area and pressed it for a couple of minutes and the bleeding stopped. My sister-in-law said that she had several "eruptions" that had required a trip to the hospital to get the bleeding under control and that she had never seen it stop so easily as it did that day.

I heard about Quikclot from a friend who was in the military and used it in combat. He told me that it has kept many soldiers from bleeding out before their wounds could be attended to by medical personnel. I ordered it on-line at and have kept it in my medicine cabinet because I use Coumadin and have had problems with bleeding from my own arms and legs. If you have a condition that causes bleeding that is difficult to control, you might want to give this a try.

My doctors have not heard about Quikclot and, after I told them about my experiences, have indicated that they will order some for their offices.

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 Quikclot does not have FDA approval and is inferior to Celox . Celox has FDA approval and is used extensively in the militaryas there has been serious problems with Quikclot. Celox also works with all people on blood thinners 

Your information on Quikclot is dated. The U.S. Army and Marines carry Quikclot as part of their personal first aid kits and every medic and Corpsman carries it.

The first generation of Quikclot was a granular product which did have some exothermic reaction and was somewhat messy to use, but was very effective and saved lives. Celox is also granular, made from shrimp shells and is also messy to use.

The current generation of Quikclot is in the form of gauze which is infused with kaolin, a mineral. It is very effective in stopping bleeds and is not at all messy. The Quikclot that available on line also has some products that include an antiseptic which is a major advantage in dealing with an open wound.

All hemostatic products, including Celox and Quikclot are currently being reviewed by the FDA.


 I have to disagree . Celox has FDA approval Quikclot does not Only Celox works with Coumadin . The current generation of Quikclot was pulled from testing because it does not workand raises the temperature of the area around the wound

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