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Protein for breakfast

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:32pm

Most people eat a carb laden breakfast and load up on protein at dinner. This study says that eating protein for breakfast is better than eating carbs. I wrote about this in my book, Wellness Piece by Piece.

Sidney Baker MD, in his book, The Circadian Prescription, says the same thing. He says our bodies crave protein in the morning. We will feel more satisfied, not get hungry as soon, and be more wide awake if we start with a high protein breakfast. Conversely, a higher carb dinner will calm us down and get us ready to sleep. This is opposite of what most Americans do. Perhaps why so many have trouble sleeping.

I have found this so. I eat a very high protein breakfast and try to eat more carbs at dinner. If I eat a lot of protein for dinner, I tend to have a harder time sleeping. Often, when that happens, I get up and eat some cereal or chips and then I can fall to sleep easier. Carbs allow the amino acid, Tryptophan to more easily cross the brain barrier which causes us to feel sleepy.

If I eat too many carbs at breakfast, I will feel sleepy most of the day.

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