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Protect yourself against the cold

Posted by Swati S.

Exercising in cold weather can feel great, but it is important to take adequate care. Here are a few tips to protect yourself against the cold.

Always wear layers of clothing to keep warm.

For the layer next to skin, pick a moisture-wicker cloth that helps your skin to keep dry. This becomes especially important if you are going to engage in an activity that involves a lot of perspiration.

And remember – cover your hands and head adequately!

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MEMBERS! Don't forget to take any arthritis medicine after working out. Heres my logic, which hopefully serves purpose to you: (3 steps) 1. Stretch before exercise until you feel your body is limber and ready to take on amount of said exercise... 2. Complete exercise. Pace yourself. The usual... 3. Take medicine within 5-10 minutes of finishing exercise. Right after you're done, your muscles will be in shock and be reacting to the cold. With arthritis, it doesn't provide a pleasant mix. I have arthritis in my right leg and ankles so I hope this helps.
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