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Prostate Cancer and Male Incontinence

Posted Jul 17 2009 10:16pm

The most common cancer in men, other than skin cancers, is Prostate cancer; about one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime. The good news is, men who are affected by the disease have a wider selection of effective treatment and very high survival rates if detected early.

However, after men finish their treatment they are often faced with an additional treatment side effects, such as urinary incontinence.

Scott Williams, vice president of the Men’s Health Network, says…

“Dealing with the post-treatment side effects of prostate cancer is tough, men can regain a sense of control during their recovery period by learning more about conditions like urinary incontinence — one of the most common treatment side effects — so they know what to expect and how they can manage it.”

There are a number of helpful online resources available for men, such as Allanda; we provide men, including those suffering or recovering from prostate cancer, with straight-talking educational information on urinary incontinence as well as offering advice on incontinence products, should you wish to ask a personal question in private then ask our Nurse Shona, who specialises in incontinence care.

For men who are recovering from Prostate Cancer and urinary incontinence, Shona recommends the following:

* Talk to your doctor, as understanding the side effects of Prostate cancer treatment will help you come to terms with the condition and manage incontinence more effectively.

* Join a local prostate cancer support group to exchange valuable tips, advice and experience on dealing with the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

* Be patient and give yourself time, some side effects of prostate cancer treatment like urinary incontinence are often temporary.

For more information and advice on male urinary incontinence contact Allanda.

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