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Professional Running Help

Posted Jun 16 2010 8:04am

Last month, I traveled to Ohio to meet with  Joe Sparks , a Pose coach.  I bought the Pose book a few years back, but I never felt like I fully understood the method.  I decided it was worth a one-time investment to get professional instruction.

I signed up for a 2-hour individual lesson.  Overall, I felt the session was very worthwhile.  I learned a ton and made improvements in my running within the session.  I also feel doing the lesson individually was key.  It took every minute of the two-hour session for me to absorb everything and get comfortable.  A group session would have been less effective.

Some general thoughts on Pose:

  • Romanov's accent and attitude have probably limited the popularity of the Pose method
  • The Pose method is not magic; there are basic, simple principles involved
  • Pose is one way to run, but there is not enough evidence to say it is the way to run
  • Videotaping is important; you might think you are doing one thing but the videotape shows another

Overall, I was very happy with the lesson.  I will be applying the techniques this summer along with some other things I'm working on.

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