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Problems with Lean Paleo Diets: Fat Perception?

Posted Mar 07 2012 9:02am

I wrote last year about how it can be tough to get enough calories from a strict Paleo diet featuring lean meat and non-starchy foods.  If you lift the starch restraint, then calories shouldn't be much of a problem.  But given that some people may still miss fat if eating only lean meat, what's causing this?

A lot of people in the Paleo world put out the blanket statement, "fat is good" without ever looking into it any further (there's a binary solution again).  Take for example, this study from last year.  In a small sample, it showed that 75% of subjects were hyposensitive to dietary fat, meaning they couldn't tell when fat was added or subtracted to foods.  In other words, there would be no dietary compensation when more fat was added because subjects couldn't perceive this.  This lack of fat perception also showed up in other markers, as the subjects who were hyposensitive to fat had higher BMI than those subjects who were hypersensitive to fat.

Given this, does it make sense for the average Paleo dieter to dump fat on everything?  Just as it's obvious that sugar can be easily overconsumed by mnay people, it should be obvious that fat can be overconsumed as well. 

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