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Preventing Swimmer's Ears while swimming.

Posted by Swati S.

Swimmer's ears (Otitis externa) is usually cause by a bacterial or fungal infection while swimming. It swells the ear canal, making it itchy and painful. If you like to swim, take these precautions to help prevent this. 1. After swimming, turn your head on each side to drain the ear canal. 2. Avoid using cotton swabs as they increase the chances of infection. They also tend to push the wax inside the ear. 3. As a preventive measure, make an ear drop solution by mixing white vinegar and rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) in equal quantity. Put three to four drops of this solution in each ear after swimming. 4. Since it is caused by water, reduce the time spent in the water. 5. Finally, see the doctor before the infection gets worse.
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