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Preventing injury on vacation

Posted by Tamar F.

Recently, I just got back from a trip to the South, in the summertime, in the heat and humidity. On most trips, we find ourselves walking around more, discovering new places on new terrain. Frequently, we will be dolled up in new outfits, to add to the special occasion. Put it together and it adds up to blisters and injuries that prevent us from enjoying ourselves on a basic level, let alone our regular workouts. Years ago, I'd take big bottles, cans and tubes of medicines, disinfectants and ointments. With the new TSA regulations, that's not possible. Today, the rule of thumb is ?3-1-1?, meaning you can take one plastic ziplock bag filled with bottles that are up to three ounces each. And let's face it - realistically, even those regulations can change at any time. You need to plan ahead. Let's say that you have walking shoes that you broke in last year, so they're all comfy and form fitting. Great! But you still should take a week to re-break them in before your trip. Your feet may have changed shape. The leather of the shoe may have changed. The climate where you are going may not be as forgiving as your hometown's. Investigate your local Target and department stores for tiny, tiny sample sizes. Baby sizes of cornstarch, witch hazel pads, antibacterial ointment with pain relief - you?ll find yourself using them more than at home. And - trust me on this - get yourself the best bandages money can buy. If you do get a cut or blister, you do not want to rely on the cheap stuff at the hotel front desk to keep you from getting waylaid.
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