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Preventing Injury during a triathlon.

Posted by Swati S.

So, you have decided to sign up for a triathlon -- Good for you! Just keep these things in mind so you aren't injured during the event. 1. During training and on the day of the event, do stretches as a warm-up exercise. This will make your muscles more flexible and less prone to injury. 2. Train at a realistic pace. If you train too strenuously, you are likely to damage your muscles. So exert yourself but not beyond a point where you might get injured. 3. If you are feeling over exerted, rest for a while to give your body time to recuperate. 4. Correct footwear is crucial for your safety. There are different shoes available for different parts of the event, for biking and running. Try out different models and sizes to find the shoe that fits you best. 5. Get proper gears for safety purpose. To prevent injury to ankles, you can opt for ankle braces. Choose the right swimwear, as it will help you to swim properly.
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