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Presidential Candidates...Which One is Mo' Betta?

Posted Oct 28 2008 9:40pm
I love hanging out with folks when they talk about how stupid the OTHER candidate is, how much the OTHER candidate is going to ruin their lives, and how the OTHER candidate is a lying, corrupt politician, who just says whatever his slavishly allegiant minions want to hear.

Somehow, those complaints never apply to the candidate WE like. OUR candidate is the only one who's NOT an incompetent, lying, corrupt politician, and OUR candidate does NOT just say whatever he has to say to get into power. OUR candidate is honest and benevolent, and OUR candidate is going to save the world.

The OTHER candidate's supporters are ignorant sheeple, who are easily swayed by appealing, empty promises, but WE are too smart to fall for those political tricks.

In this video, I like how the guys at JibJab point out the pathetic aspects of both candidates...

More riveting ambulance runs coming soon...

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