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Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm

Well, it’s all official.  The hospital admission forms are all filled out and posted, I feel I almost need a stamp with all my details on it having had three surgeries in three years!  This will be my first at St Georges and they look every bit as nice as Southern Cross (as nice as a hospital can be)!  Admission isn’t until 12:00 midday so I will once again have to starve for most of the day, rumbly guts!

Am still struggling with the weight gain.  Decided I have to do something as lately I have all but neglected any form of exercise which is so easy to do as it makes such a HUGE difference to my pain level.  When not exercising I very rarely have to take pain killers unless I do something that aggravates the hip such as a busy day at work, long car ride or household chores.
I tried jogging, but could only manage one a week between the hip and muscles that are out of condition.  I got told off by a physio friend who suggested I walk instead of jogging which technically makes sense as it is less impact on the joints.  Oddly enough though, I actually find walking more bothersome that jogging, this completely boggles my mind.  The only thing I can come up with is maybe a longer stance phase during walking causes the irritation, though I have also noticed the stance phase of my left (affected) leg is shorter than my right (in other words my left leg will not extend as far as my right).

My lovely physio friend has also suggested some prehab exercises and has told me I have to get to the pool at least once a week.  This started OK, but after my first pool session on Monday I have been so sore and have been unable to go back yet.  Isn’t swimming supposed to be easy?  I only ever swim freestyle (front crawl) and do a couple of laps with a kick-board.  I only did half of my usual 1km swim and other than muscle fatigue from lack of practice thought I felt OK.

Bring on November 10!

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