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PR...............thats Personal Responsibility

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
Let's have a little talk about personal responsibility. Not to say that people aren't responsible, but I think it's safe to say that certain stereotypes do apply when it comes to the world of pharmacy.

I always enjoy it when some 15 year-old girl walks up to the pick-up counter to pick up her birth control refill. The prescription is not in the will-call bin. I ask her when she called in the refill. Her response- "I didn't, it's just always ready for me." No chicky-babe, your mother usually calls it in for you because she doesn't want you and any bastard spawn that you may produce living with her for the next 15 years. Apparently mom didn't this time, so don't give me your attitude. I may just have to reach out and slap you silly.

And then there's the almost 40 year-old guy (who still lives with his mommy) who forgets to bring the money for his $2.00 Medicaid co-pay. Let me tell you this, I will not just give it to you. I will not give you half of the prescription for $1.00. The copay is $2.00. It was $2.00 last month, it will be $2.00 next month. Don't gripe to me about the price of gas and that you will need to drive all the way back home to get more money. Guess what Pharmacy God does before he leaves home to go to the store? He makes sure that he has either cash or his debit card before leaving the house. Bottom line is this, don't expect me to makes allowances for you irresponsibility. I would reach out to slap you as well, but I'm afraid of touching your greasy face.

Or how about the patient who is on Fuzeon and recently switched insurances. But he didn't bring in his new insurance card (which was issued three weeks ago). And now he's at the front of the store complaining to the store manager about how the people back in the pharmacy are refusing to refill his prescription.

Of course we all have that guy who forgets to call his doctor for his Lortab 10 refill and it's now 7:30 Friday night. He wants us to spot him enough for the weekend. Sure pal. And the little old man who is a "brittle diabetic" and left his Humalog at home. It's now 8:45 PM and he lives two states away. Can't we just give him a bottle. Of course it's not him asking, but his well-meaning daughter. He's standing about two aisles away eating an ice cream cone.

Am I asking too much? Am I being too insensitive? Am I in need of an extended vacation?
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