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Polycystic Ovaries / Ovary Ayuveda and Allopathy

Posted Aug 23 2009 10:21pm

Question Received

Lately I was going through your blog for Ayurveda Side Effects.

I am 27 years of age and suffering from multiple ovarian cysts in both ovaries. I went to an allopathic doctor and she explained it seems to be a choclate cyst and laproscopy needs to be done. She also tried some contraceptive pills to reduce the size for a week's time but nothing happened. So, in order to avoid surgery i consulted an ayurvedic doctor she gave me medication. It's been four months now however, the size of the cyst has not decreased however, the pain that i was encountering earlier has gone.

I would like to have your advice as to what can be done in this regard.

Thanks and Regards,
Answer Given

Ayurveda does not have a condition called Ovarian Cysts.

The Difference between Allopathy doctor and Ayurveda Doctor is that

The Allopathy doctor will tell you the truth --> There is no treatment known to be for this disease at present
Genuine Ayurveda Practitioners only will tell the truth. But the Number of genuine practitioners are Very very few

Most of those who practise ayurveda are not genuine. They will cheat you --> Tell a lie that there is treatment, get money from you and give your harmful drugs for which even he does not know the side effects and again tell you that there is no side effect

Coming to Polycystic Ovaries,
I would like to know your weight and height, before proceeding further

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