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Please see the details below for my question. The "question box" was not working on the website. Thank you!

Posted by clt

I have had a string of bacterial issues in my body for more than five years now.  I am wondering; can reoccurring bacterial problems be a sign of a more serious problem? I started with stomach problems and was diagnosed with h-pylori.  I was treated and the symptoms subsided, but during this time I was also misdiagnosed with Celiac Sprue Disease but an endoscope procedure ruled that out. Over the next few years, I had two staph infections on my face.  The first one, less severe, but the second one pretty serious.  It started on my lips (with misdiagnosed as herpes cold sores, but then I tested negative) and subsequently spread off my lips and down my chin.  This episode kept me out of work more than a week and caused three visits to the emergency room.  Then over the next few months, my lip would blow up unexplainably, looking like someone had punched me in the face.  Then this disappeared.  No one was able to tell me with certainly what is was (it was too dried up by the time I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist) but after much research, I believe it can only be explained as another staph infection, as the first one a few years before was proved to be staph.  During this time, I practically had a nervous breakdown as the episodes were painful and very annoying to put it mildly. Most recently, I have been battling bacterial vaginosis.  I had one a week of antibiotic treatment, but the infection reoccurred and now I am currently on a three-week treatment. 

These symptoms may be completely unrelated, but I find it strange that I have had so many bacterial problems.  Have you ever heard of someone having an issue with excessive "bad" bacteria in their body before?


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