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Please help me help my 42 year old cousin who can't walk or control anything below the waist?

Posted by tylerma

My cousin, an overweight 42 year old male who smokes occasionally, fell 4 months ago getting out of the shower.  At that time he was just sore from the slip however a few weeks after slipping he began to notice that his gait was changing, he would fall when standing at times and he was having trouble controlling urination and his bowels.  He has progressively gotten worse.  He now walks with a walker, has no control of his bowels or urination and can feel nothing from his waist down.  He says it feels like "when your arm goes to sleep or your leg" is how he feels all the time.  Doctors have put in him in physical therapy to keep the muscles strong but he can't feel what he is doing.  He has been to numerous doctrors and had numerous tests done and no one can give a diagnosis for what is wrong with him.  He is very depressed and upset because he has always been an outside person and loves his dogs.  He can't make it outside any more and we can't let the dogs around him because the dogs will knock him over.  He looks like a man in his 80's when he walks.  Please give me some insight into what could be wrong.  There has to be something someone can do to help us understand what is going on with him. 

 A Cousin who cares 


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