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Playing the Martyr

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:10pm

It's strange how sometimes living conditions are not related to daily happiness at all.  I meet a number of people in work or in personal life who are "playing the martyr".  Though they seem to have the basic elements of a good life in place, they are always unhappy about something.  Stress at work, stress with the kids, financial stress, etc.  But you know, often it's really what you make of the situation, not the supposedly dire nature of the situation itself.

Conversely, I sometimes meet people who appear to have very little - little money, little prospects, bad health - though they seem to be happy and keep chugging along.  And honestly, I'd rather hang out with someone who is happy but "unsuccessful" than the reverse.  Shouldn't happiness count as "success"?

As for the martyrs, I just don't have time for that scene.  If somebody wants to be all doom and gloom, go for it, but don't sign me up for that ship.  Life's too short.

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