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Pilates Chair Exercises To Try

Posted Mar 05 2010 3:08am

The Pilates chair is an added element to this exercise discipline that incorporates not only traditional techniques but also new ones that accommodate the special qualities of the chair. You will discover that your level of Pilates expertise or general physical fitness would not preclude you from using a Pilates chair. People of all body conditioning can benefit.

Sometimes known as the Wunda chair, this Pilates exercise chair provides resistance which allows you to boost the stability of your body and provide support in the upper and lower regions. If you are seeking a piece of equipment that offers a way to control and balance your body, this chair is a great solution.

The Wunda chair is adjustable and contains four springs for resistance within a box in five attachment positions for total resistance if that is what you want. You could exercise your lower back, transverse muscles, shoulder, buttocks and more. Best of all, the chair is safe to use for overall stretching and rebalancing of muscle groups. This Pilates chair has gone through some improvements over the years and no longer looks like a contraption from another world but rather one that is approachable and easy to use.

The springs held within the Wunda chair are housed within the box so that if it were pressed down, it would look similar to a pedal of some sort. In some chairs, the springs are places into two parts which work independently from one another. The Wunda chair is made of wood and contains a pedal as well as a padded top for comfort. Now the chair is evolving, looking less like a homemade contraption more of something futuristic that might be at home in a Star Trek movie. These Pilates chairs of today are made of metal framing, lightweight and streamlined.

A number of exercises can be conducted on the Pilates chair. You can strengthen your arm muscles, leg muscles and of course, the core muscles of the body housed within the trunk from the rib cage to the pubic area. You can stand, sit or lie down on the Pilates chair or even use it in a variety of positions where you are to the side of the chair. This ingenious chair design allows for great stability and flexibility exercise work. It is truly amazing at how many Pilates moves can be conducted via this chair.

Unless you have the money, you probably do not want to invest in your own Pilates chair. They can be as much as a $1,000! Your best experiences will be in your Pilates class under the watchful eye of the instructor so you know you are using the chair correctly and to its best potential. If you have become a huge proponent of Pilates, investing in a Wunda chair might be worth it to you.

Of course, the Wunda chair isn’t the only Pilates chair available for exercise. There are other models too but they all use the same principle - spring resistance for a good workout.

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