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Physically active, but cramping up?

Posted Aug 19 2009 10:33pm




I work out six times a week on the treadmill, elliptical machine, stationery bike-15-20 minutes each of “vigorous”, maximum heart rate stuff on the latter two.

I also train three times a week. I’m wanting to get away from Gatorade because of the fruit and sugar content, but my doctor says I need to have a potassium supplement of some kind because I had a problem last November with “confusion” after a long session on the machines.

Is E-lyte right for me? And, if so, how often should I take it? Also I’m getting leg cramps lately. Probably I’m not drinking enough water.

I’m almost 64 years old, female, very active athletically and I need some advice. Thanks for your attention. Gail Payette


Hi Gail -

Sorry for the delay.

I am way out in the countryside in Russia for 2.5 months.”>E-lyte
is effective for athletes and those who exercise often as it contains all the main electrolytes in ample physician-recommended amounts.

I typically add 2 to 4 capfuls of E-Lyte in 1 liter of water and drink before, during and after exercise.

Given that you are cramping currently, I would increase the amount of E-lyte in your water initially and drink all day long.

Add some fresh lemon for flavor enhancement as E-lyte is simply electrolytes. Some honey or jam is also a good idea as you need sugar while you exercise.

Another product which you may consider is Electrolyte/Energy Formula. It has everything E-Lyte has plus additional nutrients to prevent muscle fatigue and overall fatigue. It has excellent flavor as well.

Leg cramps is highly associated with calcium and magnesium deficiency. Adding the electrolytes will help immensely.

Given that you are 64 years old, and very active (congratulations!), I highly recommend a potent”>multivitamin formula
designed for Women over 40. It contains bioavailable vitamins and minerals plus additional support to help reduce cancer and cardiovascular risk.

Do let me know how you do with the added electrolytes.

Should you have further questions, please do ask. I should be more available now to respond to Q & A.

In health,
Dr Ben

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