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Photo Weight Loss Journal-Picture 1

Posted Aug 15 2008 3:06am
Time for another pic. I decided I would put up another photo each time I lost TEN pounds. Remember this photo from Yosemite? If you 'click to biggefy', you can see my stomach shape. Ewww. LOL

Here I am about ten pounds lighter. Why is it when women lose weight it always shows right around the waist first, but nowhere else? I lost about 2-3 inches in waist size, but only one in the hips, arms, and not-so-sure about the thighs. All I know is that since I've made more of an effort with exercise the last two weeks, and it's paying off a little. I also truly believe that starting the Cytomel helped me in the weight loss effort. With just the Levothroid alone, I wasn't able to lose and was needing three hour naps!

Crikey! I'm a bit lumpy. LOL

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