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Pharmacy God Pharmacy...please hold

Posted Oct 23 2008 1:20pm
Pharmacy God is not a pharmacist. He is a receptionist/secretary.


Right now Pharmacy God's employer is giving flu shots to the public. Nothing new. Rather than contract the service out to some nursing agency, we have our pharmacists administer the vaccine. We have a team of 3 or 4 pharmacists, plus a few techs travel to our pharmacies to give the shots. In an effort to minimize long lines and grumpy people, we schedule patients in 15 minute blocks to receive their vaccinations during our clinic.

Guess who fields a majority of the calls to schedule these appointments.

If you said Pharmacy God, you are correct.

Only because people call during the first half-hour of business or the last 15 minutes of the day, both times when Pharmacy God has no technician available.

We've been advertising the shots for over four weeks, so several of the time slots have filled up. But of course I get people griping that the time they want is filled up. Maybe you should call more than 4 hours before the clinic begins.

And don't gripe about the price. We're not big behemoth national chain who can buy the vaccine for cheap. We're a small, privately owned chain and as such we don't get the price breaks that some of these bigger operations get. And by the way, the deep discount chain across the street is charging the same price, but you have to wait in line over there.
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