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Peoria Chiropractors advice on bed rest pt. 2

Posted Jul 18 2012 10:04pm

Peoria chiropractors say given the hazardous side effects and even addictive nature of some painkillers, avoiding them when practical is always good advice.
In the case of “bed rest” advice, immobility can prolong recovery because only exercise can build back muscles, rehydrate disks and restore spinal function. The only source of disk hydration is movement since there’s no blood supply to the disks therefore loss of movement means loss of healing fluids to the area. Of course, twisting and bending movements should be avoided since they can aggravate injuries.
A 2000 study corroborated the ineffectiveness of bed rest by studying the results of 1,435 patients. No significant difference in pain intensity was found between bed rest and exercises. The authors even concluded that lack of exercise might even be slightly harmful in cases of low back pain.

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