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Pee and pooh, and throw in some bowel obstruction.

Posted May 08 2009 11:40pm
Lets talk about pee(urine). :)
The two catheters from my New Bladder were leaking alot. Not nice. You cant shove a Tena lady on your abdomen. It doesn't matter what kind of wonderful wings they have, they just don't work. So I had some stoma bags added to each puncture site.
So that was five urinary bags all up including the bags from the kidney stents. I felt like a bag lady, I probably looked like one too. As I was unable to wash my hair for days on end due to the central venous line in my neck. I'm a smoker,(for last 5 years) and I decided to give up while I was in their but it didn't last. I will tell you why later.
So I would lean heavily on my drip stand, gather up all my bags an shuffle off in a demented drug shuffle down stairs outside for a smoke. All self esteem out the window their. The only thing that was remotely appealing may have been my brightly coloured hospital nightie. The walk was beneficial for my gimp leg, oxygenation of my lungs, the deep breathing good for lung expansion, and for preventing a D.V.T. It was my motivation to get up, get out of bed and move. So for anyone who may want to scream at me for smoking, I don't drink, take elicit drugs, have a sex life or any other wee vice. :)
The smoking urge came back to me about 10 days after surgery. After being tormented by my Urologist to eat, and the pain nausea, and vomiting associated with it, she also forced the nurses to support her decision for me to eat. In fact one day after I whined about why I couldn't eat , her prompt reply was 'Try eating a sandwich'. 'I cant' I moaned in reply, 'bread really bloats me up, and that was before the surgery', 'Oh well enjoy your stay then' she replied scathingly, and she stalked out the door. Nice. Then I was pressured by a nurse,(under the doctors orders me thinks).
The bonus was when I had to have my C.V.P line changed, The local anaesthetic didn't work, and my skin reacted violently to the chlorhexidine spray. So I was lying under a sterile sheet, with my headphones on, blind and deaf to what went on. I was holding the hand of my nurse, and feeling every cut, and every stitch. I tried to tell them I could feel it. I squeezed my nurses hand, and silently cried inside. This was quite a traumatic experience, and I had to lie very still while they cut into my neck. I had no real pain relief on board as the P.C.A had been stopped. My stomach was killing me, my neck felt and looked like a 2nd degree burn, and I felt afraid and miserable. I waited forever afterwards to have a x ray to check the placement of the C.V line. Still no pain meds. Afterwards my nurse told me I still couldn't have pain meds. Everything hit me. I was exhausted, and I burst into tears. I gave in and old my nurse at that point I needed a smoke. It was to be a distraction from the painful experience I had just been through. She o.k'd me having a smoke. I asked if it was o.k for me to leave the ward, as my results from my C.V.P placement hadn't come back, she said it was o.k for me to still go. After ten days this was my first venture outside for a smoke. I staggered off, waning to run away from the place. I had my head spinning, nauseating smoke and dragged myself back up stairs. I must have been green, but it saved me from bolting from that place or going completely bonkers. My nurse greeted me at the door, she appeared tense. She didn't think I would return. She told me someone was coming to see me. It was another anaesthetist. I should have shuffled back downstairs, bags and all and bolted. The first hippy anaesthetist had put the C.V.P line down too far. They had to cut he stitches back out and pull the catheter back out a bit. I'm sure I heard him say Anyway after switching off, and numbing out mentally I popped my music back on. It didn't hurt this time, only the burning from the reaction was bothersome. So that's how I started smoking again after giving up. It prevented me from going completely insane.:)
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