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pea sized hard lump under skin just above elbow. what could it be?

Posted by roy

I have a lump under the skin just above the elbow. Its not sore unless i push on it or sqeeze it. I went to my doctor and she said if its still there in a week i'll have to go hospital with it. Any idea's? Thanks.

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Well, you were smart to get to the doctor first. Nothing bad will happen in a week. Pea size I wonder. I had one on my elbow but it was bigger and several of my doctors said it was nothing. It was the same thing; only sore if I pushed it. One of my doctors said "Don't push it"

She probably wants you in the hospital to do a biopsy is all. That's what they normally do is draw any fluid out and test it.

It might be Bursitis. That's very common in the elbow region. That's what mine was and they didn't treat it at all. It went down by itself. You have the symptoms of it but it's not very big so I'm not sure. It's also called "Popeye's Elbow".

Let me know after your next doctors appointment.


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