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Paying for a Bad Job?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:40pm

"Trying to Save by Increasing Doctors' Fees"

Here's a new strategy to increase reimbursement: do a bad job, for a long time, harm patients, act with disregard... get paid more!

The key to getting paid more is that everyone in the profession needs to do it, and patients must only be seen for brief moments and superficial interactions.

I'm making fun of paying doctors more to do a good job because it is easy to do, but some solid ideas exist underneath the apparent nonsense. Paying for phone and e-mail consultations is a good idea. Keeping better track of patients is a good idea, and does require more money (and probably a better healthcare "system" as well).

I wonder, if this experiment succeeds, and that group of 5 doctors get's to continue receiving an extra $300,000 a year to do a good job, how then can other professions likewise increase their reimbursement for doing a good job?

Looking ahead at NPA Think Tank

Over the next couple of weeks, NPA Think Tank will take on a couple of interesting topics: Direct Access and Continuing Education. Specifically, are physical therapists doing a good job of getting patients into their clinics directly, and is our current model of continuing education a dinosaur? Stay tuned!


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