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Pay attention to me 72 change!Bell 50 meters range raid the elevator ball the eye shot oolong Premiership Story

Posted Nov 29 2012 8:42am
Childhood, when they're older, Journey into the West, the Monkey King magical wand omnipotent, within the current match Tottenham against Liverpool Welsh winger Bell and Sun Wukong same omnipotent performance proved himself ought to have the nickname of Monkey King . Bell the Dasheng how omnipotent? He besides assists to score, as well as throughout the Oolong - the face of eight one after the other unbeaten Red Army Liverpool, Bell first use their iconic long-distance range raid as Lennon sent assists, then scored an awesome Direct free kick. The 2nd fifty percent this game, he face eerily ball gear onto their doors, to help Liverpool regain a city, thus becoming the protagonist in your absolute sense whereby this highly dramatic match.

Had been five guest at White Hart Lane, Liverpool were lost as soon as the natural is hoping the momentum unbeaten in eight in a
Antonio Johnson Youth Colts Jersey row to rewrite this embarrassing record, however, the action had just kicked the seventh minute, they gotta have it because Bell individual performance the transaction bubble: received a midfield ball outside of the middle, Bell immediately since speed buckle off two Liverpool players during the midfield left plate right, and then the Monkey King strode Tangqiu broke within the restricted area, Akira open again two Liverpool players after defensive ball high cross far point. Bell To select from raid 50 meters even mad sudden upsets driven to distraction over four within the Liverpool defense also tackle the goal of outflanking Lennon, only watched Tottenham VII push the ball into the empty net, Tottenham 1 ratio 0 lead!

About seven minutes later, Bell Similarly with the own signs, made an own goal to inflate the score for
Justin Snow Colts Jersey Women's Tottenham: Tottenham Way to the legal right to get the free kick 30 meters inside the door outside, exactly what Bell will purchase the ball kick this ball in the box, However, bieber a primary direct shot, and shot having a very tricky elevator ball with the wall to fall quickly, go with the the idea nearly corner Liverpool Spain goalkeeper Reina Bell this surprise couldn't make any response! Perhaps nowadays people Bell, first thought was his long-range attacks, however kick would be the magic weapon of Bell fame, the 17-year-old effectiveness of Southampton, Bell first Saints in the nation Championship scored the goals one more direct free kick.

Reported by OPTA data statistics, Bell five shots, three shots on positive data both topped the. Merely a goal certainly are not able to meet an extremely strong like to shoot Bell appetite, so through the husband or wife in the first 72 minutes, he scored a goal, just embarrassing goals into Tottenham own the actual as opposed to the door to Liverpool: Winston Justice Women's jersey Liverpool right out of the corner, Tottenham restricted area formed contained in the melee, Lennon line along the door trying to rescue, but inadvertently direct the ball stuffy in Bell's face, so funny ball from Bell face bomb into the gate, Bell realized the game personal tablets goal!

Honestly tablets Oolong seriously isn't down to Bell, from Lennon, naturally, because Lennon siege as he stood too close, way too late to dodge. After all Tottenham today As a result of his mass shooting Jiangong knocked Liverpool, Sky Sports which Bell also actually made up to eight points, game-high points. Invariably come in handy, as soon as the end in the game, Bell always feel, given that the biggest player inside team win, Favorite memories in regards to this game complete with fun. It is composed by colts 11.29.2012
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