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Posted Jan 06 2013 10:02pm

Over the last few posts, I’ve done some foreshadowing of things to come.  After much thought, I have decided to hang up my blogging boots.

Here are some reasons, though I am not trying to make this overly dramatic.

First, the blogging environment has really changed over the years.  I started blogging in 2005, and things were much different.  It felt like there was a more honest desire for knowledge.  As I’ve written about lately , I think the internet is now getting worse.  Everything is getting more shallow, and things seem to be headed towards the lowest common denominator.

Second, I’ve already written a lot!  I have published just over 1,700 posts.  So there is enough there for people to work with if they’re interested.

Third, I don’t want to spend my leisure time on the computer.  I have a full plate already with a career and a family.  In my spare time, I would rather be outside doing things, or engaging in low-tech hobbies.  Also, I think the internet in general is addictive, and blogging itself may be addictive as well.

I don’t want this whole thing to be viewed as negative, because that’s not how I feel.  It’s been a good run – a good seven years of blogging.  But as they say, to every thing there is a season, and I’m moving on.  There are plenty of other good blogs out there to read.

I may do an occassional article over at the new site Medium (my sub-site is here ).  If I post something there, I will note it here.  But my plans are to do very little or nothing, so no one should be expecting anything.

Anyways, I can always be reached by email (click on the picture over on the right).  I’ll leave comments open for a day or two, and then put everything into hibernation mode.

See you around!

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