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Partners HealthCare Expands Its Relationship with InterSystems

Posted Oct 08 2013 12:00am

Partners HealthCare in Boston is in the process of installing the Epic EHR across all of its hospitals. When you choose Epic, you also choose InterSystems Cache which is the database used by Epic. I was not familiar with the two other InterSystems products that were mentioned in a recent press release called HealthShare and Ensemble. Here is an excerpt from the article (see: Partners HealthCare Standardizes on InterSystems Platform for Breakthroughs in Connected Care ):

Partners HealthCare...and InterSystems...announced...that Partners has selected InterSystems HealthShare as an enterprise platform for strategic interoperability. InterSystems’ advanced software technology will replace several existing integration engines and enable Partners to pursue consolidation of its financial and clinical systems onto one electronic health record (EHR) platform....In July 2012, Partners HealthCare announced it would implement an integrated electronic health information system at all institutions across the Partners network by 2017. This strategic initiative, Partners eCare, is the largest program of its kind in the history of Partners HealthCare....In keeping with the Partners eCare guiding principle of “one patient, one record, one team, one Partners statement,” InterSystems technology will support the seamless flow of clinical and administrative information between third-party systems and the enterprise EHR, helping to improve coordination of care, reduce unnecessary testing, and support quality and cost imperatives. Partners selected InterSystems because of the long partnership between the two companies and Partners’ successful experience with InterSystems’ proven database and integration technologies. InterSystems Caché is the high-performance database system that powers Partners HealthCare’s EHR system and hundreds of applications used by thousands of clinicians throughout the Partners network. In addition, Partners’ extensive use of the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration software has enabled a smooth integration of Partners’ rich library of services and applications.

Here is a description of InterSystems' HealthShare product from its web site :

The HealthShare standards-based interoperability framework provides a scalable, powerful foundation for health information exchange. It connects data, applications, processes, and users inside and outside of your organization. HealthShare helps you aggregate and analyze all of your information – clinical, operational, and financial – to provide a complete picture of patient and organizational health.

 Here is a description of InterSystems Ensemble product from its web site :

InterSystems Ensemble is a seamless platform for integration and the development of new connected applications. It is used by enterprises that want a rapid integration platform, and by application providers who want to create breakthrough “connectable” applications that can share data with other applications. Ensemble also leverages previous software investments through composite applications, and establishes an enterprise service bus (ESB) or SOA infrastructure.

To summarize, Partners HealthCare is deploying an integrated electronic health information system in all of the hospitals in the Partners network using the Epic EHR. InterSystems is a sort of silent partner in all of the Epic EHR installs (see: Some History about MUMPS and InterSystems' Caché DBMSMUMPS as a Limiting Factor for Epic; Does the Company Have an Achilles Heel? ). I was not familiar with other InterSystems products like HealthShare and Ensemble but it should be no surprise that they exist to support a network as complicated as Partners eCare. 

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