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Part 2 of 3 in the Series: Trigger Point Injections and Me!

Posted Apr 02 2009 12:53pm

I was so excited about this appointment, I hardly slept the night before! I couldn't wait to tell the doctor about my progress and see what the next step was going to be for me in my "treatment plan". This appointment was for another injection but that's not what happened......... But, before I get in to what happened at my appointment, let me fill you in on the week since I had my 1st injection.............Drum roll please................... If you remember when I left you last, I had just had my first Trigger Point Injection. For additional information about Trigger point injections go to They have information on many different treatment options, including the Trigger Point Injection that I received, for people who suffer from RSD/CRPS.

I highly recommend this clinic and my doctor, Dr. Kenneth Hampar, M.D. He is Board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. They are professional and on-time. I HATE sitting for hours in the waiting room. This clinic has a rule: You must be on time. You are called in back EXACTLY when your appointment time is. The doctor comes in as soon as the nurse records weight, blood pressure, etc. If YOU are late, they go on to the next patient. The doctor Never gets backlogged! Yet, I never felt rushed. I spent the entire time with him, going over all the details, asking questions, answering questions, until he felt comfortable that I understood. He has a very through knowledge of the nervous system and how everything works. It is the most organized clinic I have ever been to in my entire life. Check out their website.
I've had RSD for over 4 yrs and in that time I have had my share of burning, searing pain like anyone with RSD/CRPS knows...........
Right this minute, as I write this blog, I have a pain level, on the old favorite "McGill Pain Scale", of "O". That's right, ZERO!
I am so happy I walk around singing! From the time I walked out of the doctors office after getting the shot, I have had no pain at all. Not a throb, a twitch, a twitter! Speaking of Twitter, if you would like to talk more about this why not follow me on Twitter. My username is "thematrix777". Even the color is normal. It has the same color as a normal hand. My entire body from top to bottom has been getting warmer! I went from being wrapped up all day in blankets even when it was 100+ temp outside, to being so hot I was the one who turned on the air conditioner all week. I'm just not used to being warm!!!!!
So for the last week I have been trying to use my hand. That's not as easy as it sounds.
  • First, it's curled up in a ball so I have to get it straightened out..
  • I need to build up strength
  • I need to start cutting down on some of my pain medications so we can tell if I really pain-free. I am heavily medicated, so my two doctors are working together to make a reduction schedule that won't harm me.
  • Next, in 4 years time, I forgot how to do certain things like how to cut food. I also need some physical therapy sessions to help with that
  • No more sensitivity. I have to learn how to handshake again. It was very awkward when my doctor and I gave it a Never hurts to try. The point here is IT DIDN'T HURT TO TRY! I have not been able to have anyone touch me since I got RSD.
My daughter is coming from Seattle for my birthday Saturday and the first thing I'm going to do is hug her tight, brush her hair with my hand and actually stroke her face..oh I made myself cry....I better stop. She does not know anything about my shot or what has happened unless she reads my blog which I don't think she does. Every day it uncurls just a tiny bit. Not sure how long it will take but my doctor told me not to rush it, to take things slowly and NOT OVERDUE!
** Top picture is BEFORE next picture is AFTER.* *
You can see the change in color and that my hand is starting to uncurl a little. These pictures are taken with my cell phone, so please bear with me if they aren't too clear................. This post is getting too long. I'm going to close for today and pick this up tomorrow. Looks like this journey is going to be longer than I thought. Happy dreams to you and I hope you all have a low pain evening. I'll be praying. thematrix777 Sphere: Related Content
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