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Pain In Thigh

Posted Aug 14 2010 3:56pm

The brain gets information about the surrounding through specific channels. These massages make the muscles and the nerves active. Normally, there is plenty space for nerves to carry their work but due to injuries, trauma or pressure they become narrow. It starts squeezing the nerves. It results in pain or paralysis and even starts with other dysfunctions. A painful and burning feeling on the thigh can signify that one of the big sensory nerves to the legs is being squashed. This type of condition is known as meralgia paresthetica.

Warning signs for thigh pain:

1. The pain which starts from the thigh and end in the knee area.
2. Numbness and itchy sensations come along with the burning feeling.
3. The pain may spread on the buttocks and sometimes on the groin area.
4. It happens normally on the one side of the body.
5. It can pain in very perceptive to hard pressure.

At the time of the physical inspection, the doctor can ask about the latest surgery that happened on the hip. It may also happen due to the recurring actions which can aggravate the nerve. The doctor may examine the major differences among the effected and not effected leg. The person will have to do both the examinations like an abdominal and a pelvic to identify or eliminate any problems in those areas before starting treatment. X-rays may help to discover any bone irregularities that may be giving pressure on the nerve. If the doctor thinks that an increase like a tumor is the origin of the force, it is advised to get an MRI or CT scan done. The main reason why the nerve is pressurized can be due to sudden weight gain.

Curative measures:

The cause of the pressure can determine the process of the treatment. Despite of the healing remedy, the numbness and the pain may continue. It will take little more time to get cured completely. The main objective is to take away the reason of the firmness. It can be done through resting from a frustrating movement, slimming down, wearing free cloths or use of a tool box as an alternative of a tool belt.

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