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pain at the back of my throat near the enterance from nose to throat, phlem wont move, hurts to breath in

Posted by muppet82

I have had this irritated throat for a week now, thought I was just getting a cold, but I do not have any other cold symptoms ie no runny nose.

At the back of my throat near the enterance from nose to throat, is irritated, and when I breathe out, I can feel and hear a rattle there, like theres phlem but I just cant seem to move it. My nose is not blocked, but if I sniff I can sniff stuff back. If i breath in it makes the throat feel worse.

for the last 3 days, I have been really achy and tired.

What could this be?

Answers (2)
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Nose and throat congestion is best cured and prevented at the earliest signs by "irrigation"  with warm, mild salt water – nose, and gargling – throat. Simple and effective!

So If I get some warm salt water and flush it up my nose, nad gargle it??

Thankyou will give that a try!

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