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P.I.C.C lines, Uro Sepsis and Rigours Galore

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:02pm

The last post I wrote it was while I was sick. Not long after I made a decision to contact my Dr as my urinary symptoms were intolerable.The usual stuff, nausea, tachycardia, feelings of collapse occasionally, back and tummy pain, blah blah and temperatures with sweats and shakes. 
Dragging myself around a supermarket the day before and needing a trolley for a couple of items  was humiliating to say the least. As my daughter was trying to take it from me while I whined I couldn't make it to the car without it. Pretty pathetic picture really. 
I knew I needed help with this infection, to be able to work at the end of the week.

Long story short, I was told to go up to the Hospital for the Registrar to check me out. I told her "I have to be well and ready to work on Thursday", this whole sickness thing is an inconvenience.

It was decided after the poor House Surgeon who is usually awesome at getting mwah veins failed, that I was to get a P.I.C.C Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter that night.
It fell through and was delayed for the next morning, which was o.k...for a bit.

Later that night I awoke in pain about 2A.Mish. I went for one of my special walks to distract from the pain as my pain meds were maxed. On way back to ward I got the shakes, heart racing and started dry retching. I thought oh crap and envisioned myself dry heaving on my hands and knees all the way back to ward looking freaky. They were the worst shakes I ever had, my whole body convulsed like a weird kinda Grand Mal seizure.

I managed to get to the lift, where I promptly hit the ground. The shakes were horrendous, I gagged my way up to the floor, praying no one would see me so hideous. I rushed to the first block of toilets which were the mens.
I hugged the porcelan throne for a bit while my heart raced.
In the end my nurse saw me, I asked for some panadol. One thing led to another, she did some recordings and then the next thing I had a visit from a Dr and another dude.

It was decided someone had to come down from the I.C.U to pay a visit and get a line in.
They used a ultrasound to find a vein, did a great job and insisted I get a P.I.C.C line in first thing in morning.
I was dehydrated, needed immediate fluids and blah blah my nurse told me I was classed as basically unstable and had to stay in bed.I complied not wanting a repeat performance.

The P.I.C.C line was relatively painless, only when they put in the local it stung. I felt nothing else.
It only took about 40 minutes and all done. They do it under fluoroscopy(special xray) and your able to watch the T.V screen as it it threaded in my upper arm then down towards the heart. I had to pretend it wasn't my body I was watching as it was kinda creepy. The line sits just before the Heart.
Having the P.I.C.C means no more multiple I.V insertions for a while, as my veins are totally crap. P.I.C.C lines with good care can last up to a year in some people.

My bladders local party goers were Enteroccous, Ecoli and Pseudenomas which are currently requiring Co-trimoxazole and Norflox orally. In Hospital it was the usual cocktail of I.V Gentimicin and Amoxicillan which bought on the diarrhoea but hey!

I got my wish within 24 hours of good re hydration and A.Bs I was allowed to go on leave and go into work for an hour. I left Hospital a day later and returned to work again that afternoon. Its a totally awesome feeling looking forward to actually enjoy my job. Yeah I'm really tired, but seeing the kids again was a pleasure.
Being back home with my own kids and comforts....heaven. No one will even know I have a P.I.C.C line as its well hidden which is a bonus. Sorry it hasn't been a happier story guys. But I am feeling better.:)

Finally Amy, I'm sad to see you go hun, I hope your o.k! xoxo
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