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Osteoarthritis And X Ray

Posted Mar 23 2010 2:05am

The osteoarthritis is the disease in which an inflammation occurs in the joints of the bones. During this, the cartilage bears some wearing and in addition to this, osteoarthritis reduces the secretion of the synovial fluid. This fluid helps in the lubrication of the joints. Because of this, the joints cannot move freely or smoothly and therefore, whenever the patient tries to move the bones from this joint, he has to bear some pain. As this disease is very common in today’s world, the relation between the osteoarthritis and X-rays is very important.

For this problem, there is no other convenient method other than the x-rays, which can detect this problem. During the osteoarthritis, there is a loss of the cartilage, subchondral sclerosis, subchondral cysts and the narrowing of the joint present in the bones. In addition to these, there is also, the formation of the bone spurs. All these are clearly differentiable on the x-rays images. Therefore, they are used for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. However, in some cases, if the osteoarthritis is in a minor stage, it is non-diagnosable with the x-rays. Therefore, some other methods have to be used for detecting such osteoarthritis, and therefore the relation between the osteoarthritis and X-rays, is not useful in such case.

Moreover, these x-rays and the other types of methods that are used in the detection of the osteoarthritis are not able to detect the osteoarthritis in the primary stages, when it can be cured. However, even if they especially the X-rays detect them, in the later stages, some remedies and care can be done for the osteoarthritis and X-rays are thus useful even in this case.

In some cases, contradictions in the results of the x-rays and the external symptoms occur. This is when, the x-rays show osteoarthritis and at the same time, the patient is not experiencing any symptoms. However if the patient is experiencing any pain in the joint, then it is advisable that x-rays be done as he may be having osteoarthritis.

Usually for the osteoarthritis, as it occurs in a limited part, only the x-rays of that place are taken. These can be taken from the appropriate side and angle, which provides the best of the results. However, X-rays from more than one view may be required for the detection, or the complete study of the osteoarthritis.

The x-rays can be used for the detection of the different types of osteoarthritis related to the different parts of the body, for example, the knee or in the foot, etc. Therefore, they are the complete method for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis.

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