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Orthopedic Surgeons

Posted by Fancycat

How do I find an Orthopedic Surgeon that uses the 'MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY' for HIP REPLACEMENT? This involves an incision in the groin and not the side of the hip. I would prefer that metal NOT  be used, either.

 Fussy, yes but it's my body. And I'm in alot of pain and can't wait much longer. 

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Firstly, there is no "minimal inivasive surgery" for a hip or joint replacement yet. There is a "less invasive procedure", which is what I had in my knees. My first surgery was a very good experience, the short stay in the hospital and the physical therapy afterwards. The surgeon is Dr. Dearborn in Fremont and the FRST rehab clinic in Palo Alto–the latter still highly recommended. My second surgery didn't go so "painlessly" in the hospital. The surgeon's "theater of operation" has expanded, as did his reputation, and the personal care and dedication to patients suffered. Still, I walked from the day 2 and in 14 days I walked in the park never using any kind of support. This may be different for a hip-surgery. Minimal surgical invasion will be when the cartilage is replaced by living cells instead of titanium–hopefully in a few years time, if you can wait that long. Good luck!
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