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organic food is your choice

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:32pm

  Organic foods have been rising in popularity of late with many customers willing to pay more for the assurance that they are eating pesticide free, honest food but is it true that by eating these foods you are any better off?


Food scares are always a good thing for the organic food industry. When the nation gets up in arms about farmer’s continuing to use pesticides and ‘poisoning’ us. The sad truth is that Organic farmers use pesticides too.


Well that is according to a report by environmental expert, Dr Rob Johnston, “organic farmers can treat fungal diseases with copper solutions. Unlike modern, biodegradable, pesticides copper stays toxic in the soil for ever. The organic insecticide rotenone (in derris) is highly neurotoxic to humans - exposure can cause Parkinson’s disease…. But none of these ’natural’ chemicals is a reason not to buy organic food.”


Everyone’s favorite, the organic chicken, is guilty of ‘trade secrets’ as large studies in Europe have found the food-poisoning bacterium Campylobacter in 100 percent of organic chicken flocks but only a third of conventional flocks. This high level of infection among organic chickens could cross-contaminate non-organic chickens processed on the same production lines.


Scary stuff right?


If you can believe the statistic, less than 1 percent of food sold in Britain is organic. In 2006 Mintel (an independent retail consultancy) estimated that there were around £1.5 billion in organic sales. Pretty impressive yes, but when you compare that to the £104 billion the food sector made then a picture is beginning to form.


Ultimately it’s up to yourself to make a choice. Believe the hype that organic food is the answer, or nip round to your local shop and grab yourself a microwave curry.

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Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 at 1:07 pm
organic food
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