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One Month In: Eating to Hunger and Satiety

Posted May 07 2012 8:00pm

I've now passed the one-month mark in my effort to 1) eat only when actually hungry, and 2) stop eating when satiated.  Of the two, I am doing much better with stopping when full (see the last post ).  I would estimate that I am eating to satiety and not beyond probably 75-80% of the time.

The other component, eating when hungry, has been trickier.  It seems so easy to eat when your not hungry.  There are a plethora of reasons - boredom, stress, etc.  I would say I am truly eating out of hunger probably 50% of the time.  The other times are just small occassions where I catch myself snacking on something when I'm not really hungry.  Old habits die hard I guess, so this step is a work in progress.

Overall, I am very pleased with results of this eating syle.  I have lost a few pounds even though I was not looking to do so, but the main benefit has been more consistent energy.  If you eat past satiety, there wil be the tendency to feel sluggish (think Thanksgiving dinner).  The same probably holds true for eating when not hungry - there is no place for the calories to go, so to speak, so it probably induces sluggishness as well.

I would also add that this eating style is "on top" of Paleo eating.  I believe that even when eating Paleo food, a person can still eat when not hungry and also eat past satiety.  This eating-to-hunger-and-satiety style is more general and could be applied to different dietary prescriptions.

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