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One Man’s Shangri-La Diet

Posted Jun 22 2009 10:05pm

From the SLD forums:

It has been two years since I started [SLD], and I just couldn’t think about changing this simple, natural way of life that has given me such peace and freedom.  I often think of a comedy skit I saw on t.v. some time ago where this guy was given a new electric sander as a gift, but kept using it without plugging it in.

To try to lose weight without SLD is like not plugging in an electric sander. Other weight-loss methods work; they’re just much harder, like a sander versus an electric sander.

In his sig file he describes his method and results:

Mar07 160
May08 119
May09 116
1-2T OIL/day AND/OR N.CLIP 300-500 cals food.
CFF daily.
To sustain weight loss: Eat fewer calories; enjoy the food you eat; low G.I.; only highest quality.
Don’t assault your precious body with empty calories.

N.CLIP = noseclip. CFF = calorie-free flavor. See the SLD forums for more about them.

To lose 25% of your weight and go a year without regain is a huge accomplishment.

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