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On the 16th October 2010 i had an operation to remove my tonsils. Ever since i have had constipation. I haven't been able to pas

Posted by xEmotionalWreckage

I have tried everything to try and be able to go the toliet. It is extreamly painful and i have started to notice blood when i wipe. I have tried a hot bath to relax my muscles and senokot tablets but nothing has happend as of yet. I have really bad stomach craps and mood swings. I have noticed that there is something there but i just can't pass anything.
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The connection between your tonsil operation and your constipation is probably, that you are not chewing your food properly, and are afraid of swallowing, because of the discomfort. For constipation, 1. try to make your stool softer. Dulcolax is supposed to do that. Prunes and prune juice are wonderful and healthy solutions on a regular daily basis. You may consider aenema (mini– over the counter, or consult the pharmacist) to clean out the colon and start with a healthy, fiber-rich diet – cauliflower is very effective; coffee is also a stimulant. Yoghurt takes care of the necessary flora in the colon. Relax. Try to establish a rhythm of having the bowel movement at the same time of the day (like the first thing in the morning). Imagine, that at the certain time you will go to the bathroom and relax. In general, when you feel a need to go to the bathroom, do not suppress it. Go. Therefore in the morning, before you start your day is the best time. Take good care of your nutrition, your digestion, your health!
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