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Olive 9s cheap jordans price online

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:32am

Jogging shoes also called running shoes, just as its name implies, refers to the running shoes, here refers to the most suitable for running shoes. Currently running shoe brand have tens of thousands of species, according to the different performance and applicable people, running shoes roughly divided into shock running shoes, running shoes, motion control stability of three types of running shoes.According to the need of biomechanics, running shoes can be divided into shock sex running shoes, stability running shoes, motion  retro 9 for sale cheap control running shoes three categories. Provide shock resistance of running shoes, usually have a soft interlayer sole, auxiliary foot in the sports uniform stress, help foot shock. Shoes body usually lighter, stability will be relatively poor. Provide stability of running shoes, sole usually has stress homogeneous TPU plastic sheet or medial has high density material structure. These special design can prevent because of foot mild varus caused by injury, for foot inside edge provide good support and durability. Provide motion control running shoes, is usually hard, it can reduce or control of the foot excessive varus, prevent the ankle, this kind of running shoes weight usually than other running shoes heavy. Structure is generally, inner lining for large areas of uniform stress of TPU plastic sheet and extends to  retro 9 jordans the forepaws stress point of high density strengthen material, in order to control foot division spin, sandwich sole provide persistent; The outer layer of the rubber more wear-resisting.

What kind of running shoes what suits you, this need you know yourself in the foot type and gait types to jump to conclusions.One foot is usually have a normal bending of arch type structure, we call it "arch". As wet footprint test, leaving footprints intermediate can lack a block. According to the lack of size, can be divided into normal people's foot foot type, flat foot and bow type foot.Wet footprint measuring foot type: will touch water or ink right foot stepped  jordan 12 flu game for sale on a piece of white paper. Find the footprints on both sides of the widest point point respectively vertical draw two parallel lines. Footprints in the middle part of the arc of find the most close to the right vertical linear point, this point, draw a vertical. The left for A zone, right for B area. According to A, B to determine the proportion of foot type.Normal foot type: A, B area the proportion close to 2:1.Features: the foot type in athletic process, usually with the outside of the foot touchdown, a slight ankle incurvate, so can effectively absorb vibration.The most appropriate running shoes: can provide a certain stability of running shoes.Remind: generally speaking, a pair of accord with biomechanics arch normal feet, there is no need to wear improve motion control of shoes.Flat foot: A and B area ratio should be less than or equal to 1:1. A zone than the normal foot type footprints to small.Features: arch is very short, footprints looks like the whole foot. When I was running, foot normally with lateral touchdown, ankle show excessive curving outwards. For a long time will produce different degree of fatigue property damage.

The most appropriate running shoes: control arch drop, strong sole, can provide the motion control, or high stability of running shoes.Remind: avoid choose to have very good shock absorption effect of running shoes, because they will be relatively lack of stability. jordan 5 grape for sale Bow type foot: A and B area ratio should be greater than 2:1. A zone than the normal foot type footprints to big.Features: footprints presents the narrow stamp. May not B area. This kind of foot type usually in external spin state, and has good flexibility, arch itself cannot provide sufficient cushioning effect.

The most appropriate running shoes: take the shock absorber of running shoes can provide plenty of elastic, protect the foot from vibration.Remind: the shock absorber effect good running shoes flexibility will be relatively weak.Gait: when I was running, the outside of the feet and the ground first contact. The same foot type, sole the worn parts but may be different, this is because everyone running posture different, foot in sports in the process of  jordan retro 11 bred for sale the normal landing should be heel first touchdown, then the focus fell on the foot, then smooth transition to five toes, at the same time stress and tic land.

Serious spin inside: running tiptoe will drive the ankle to internal rotation, landing foot after heart serious outer, center of gravity falls on the inside of the foot. Foot and ankle can't give body with good stability, from the ground vibration can be effectively absorption.The most appropriate running shoes: stability is good, has the movement control function.Normal gait: in a gait cycle end, tiptoe will drive the ankle outward slight rotation. Foot and  Air Jordan Retro 9 kilroy ankle can maintain and crus into a straight line. The centre of gravity after landing will fall on the whole foot. This means that the foot and ankle can effectively absorb vibration from the ground, supporting and body stabilization. For your toes to ready.

The most appropriate running shoes: has good shock absorption function of running shoes.Foot extorsion: when I was running, tiptoe will drive the ankle to external rotation. Foot down the centre of gravity after fell on the outside of the foot. But in the whole gait cycle, full heart will not turn to the inside. Because after landing, sufficient lateral continuous stress, this will lead to the foot from the period pedal to process, the little toe bear most pressure.

The most appropriate running shoes: softness is strong, has the damping function of running shoes, especially sole have density moderate permeability sandwich of running shoes.A pair of good jogging shoes should be according to the following conditions:
(a) heel wants firm, can cause the foot heel stability, is not easy to tilt.
(2) the top of the heel appropriate protuberant lining tongue, can not only protect Achilles tendon, does not stimulate the Achilles tendon to just go.
(3) the bottom of the shoelace, need to have  cheap Jordan Retro 4 for sale lining tongue, will be able to protect instep and extensor digitorum tendon.
(4) toe'd better high and round, ability won't clamping toes, or cause toenail bed blood.
(5) heel to wide stable, sole to have soft sandwich, to bsorb impact effect. Finally end should be a slope shape, feet and move forward.
(6) sole to stratified, before and after the thickness and material is different. Most lower level directly and ground contact part will strengthen the wear-resisting, but also not hard to lose buffer effect, and must have the appropriate distribution of thrust, to the ground just have traction, don't slip.
(7) sole former 1/3 to soft, can be suitable for ordinary digital joints back curve, reduce the Achilles tendon

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